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The causes are probably different for different types of diabetic neuropathy. Researchers are studying how prolonged exposure to high blood glucose causes nerve damage. Nerve damage is likely due to a combination of factors:

metabolic factors, such as high blood glucose, long duration of diabetes, abnormal blood fat levels, and possibly low levels of insulin

neurovascular factors, leading to damage to the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to nerves

autoimmune factors that cause inflammation in nerves

mechanical injury to nerves, such as carpal tunnel syndrome

inherited traits that increase susceptibility to nerve disease

lifestyle factors, such as smoking or alcohol use

Chinese Medicine is becoming more widely recognized for being able to distinguish between symptoms and “underlying conditions”. According to Chinese Medicine philosophy, every ailment falls into a category of imbalances in relationship to the function of the internal organs. Upon physical examination, a skilled Chinese Medicine practitioner can discern which internal organs are out of balance and predict how symptoms will progress given the severity of the imbalance.

There are two causes that are commonly observed to result in the symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy; poor systemic blood circulation or poor peripheral fluid circulation. The imbalances in the associated internal organs can be identified and a therapeutic regimen implemented to restore them to health.

Treatment may include:

– Herbal Medicine

– Acupuncture + Saam Acupuncture

– King Moxibustion or Moxibustion

– Clinical Massage + Acupressure

– Electro Acupuncture or Laser Acupuncture or MPS Acupuncture or Ear Acupuncture