Penawar TCM @ 2018

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– Sports Injury Rehabilitation

– Trauma Rehabilitation

– Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Therapeutic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are based on dissipating Qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by the initial traumatic impact. A combination of TCM methods, such as acupuncture and herbal medicines together with Tui Na massage, have been successfully applied. Movement can be seen as necessary means to circulate Qi in the meridians and to help to recover physical function.


– Herbal Medicine

– Acupuncture + Saam Acupuncture

– King Moxibustion or Moxibustion

– Clinical Massage + Acupressure

– Cupping or Functional Cupping

– Electro Acupuncture or Laser Acupuncture or MPS Acupuncture or Ear Acupuncture

– Musculoskeletal Assessment + Stretching