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Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke recurrence must be prevented. According to the Dong-Eui-Bo-Gam, moxibustion is effective for treating stroke.

Post-Stroke rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible after a stroke. The first priority is to stabilize an individual’s medical situation and get life-threatening conditions under control. Doctors also take measures to prevent another stroke and limit any stroke-related complications. Once these steps have been taken, it is common for stroke rehabilitation to start during the intensive care hospital stay. The sooner a person begins stroke rehabilitation, the more likely he or she is to regain lost abilities and skills.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stroke is not just considered an illness affecting the brain. Stroke affects the meridians, other organs and blood vessels as well. It can be caused by internal and external influences that induce a buildup of Qi and blood and create a high pressure state, which ultimately leads to a stroke. This condition is similar to the understanding in Western Medicine wherehigh blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke. Western Medicine also suggests stroke can be caused by other factors such as smoking, heart disease, obesity, high blood cholesterol level and diabetes.

There is less incidence of stroke in China than western countries, and also greater recovery of function after a stroke. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner believes that this is the result of the differences in diet, lifestyle and post-stroke treatment.

The most common symptoms of a stroke are:

Treatment may include:

Acupuncture and Moxibustion is the most popular treatment for stroke patients in China. It can help stroke recovery by making the nerve pathways regenerate quicker by sending strong signals along the pathway. Acupuncture also helps circulation of Qi and blood, bringing healing nutrients to the affected area.

Research suggests that regular massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate in stroke patients, and also eases anxiety. Massage can help with stress reduction and combat feelings of depression that are common emotional health concerns among stroke patients. For both mental and physical well-being, keeping stress and depression under control is an important part of stroke recovery.